Easy Ways to Use Pumpkins in Your Fall Decor

Winter is coming…

Along with it comes pumpkin flavored…just about everything, crock-pot recipes, scarves, boots, and just about anything soft and cozy! When this time of year comes around, perhaps you want to spruce up your living area to give it some warm wintery vibes, that seems cool right? Pumpkins are a super simple and easy way to bring in some fall colors, without spending oodles of cash in pottery barn. All you have to do is pop on over to your local super market or pumpkin patch and pick out anything that tickles your fancy. Get inspired! Look for gourds that have an unusual shape, color, or stem. Go for colors that are bright, interesting or inviting. No pumpkin will be perfect so go after whichever one calls out your name. Once you have your winners, bring them home and lets get started on what exactly you’re supposed to do with these large orange things…

Of course, we all want to go straight to carving. Jack-O-Laterns have been traditional for years, but now is the time to get creative. We are trendy! We are cool! Our pumpkins shall be the same. You can of course, go down the traditional face lane, but you can also try something new. Look around for pattern inspiration, turn that flower on your bedspread into a pumpkin carving. Your dog has a cute face, carve it into a pumpkin! This gourd is your blank canvas, we don’t have to stick to faces, go ahead and pour your creativity into it. If you’re feeling stuck look to the internet. Here’s some examples to get your carving juices flowing:

1665908-harlequin-leaves-ll final_pumpkins PumpkinCeltic

Not so great with a knife? That’s okay! Maybe the paintbrush is more your thing. Take to the craft store and pick out some fall inspired colors. Think mahogany, dark greens, golds, and maroon. Metallic colors and glitter are also great textures to add some interest to your painted pieces. Try some lettering, dip dye, or creepy crawlies on your gourds. If you already have some fall decorations, draw some inspiration by using the same colors and patterns already in your decor to add unity. Stencils are also an easy way to get letters or patterns if you’re not so steady handed.

8098160701_60ccba4c17_o imagesmjgm IMG_3714

Knife and the paint brush aren’t your thing?? Fear not, bring out the glue gun! The easiest way of all (and the coolest in my opinion) is to decorate a pumpkin by using materials to add patterns and textures. Simply glue textiles onto the outside, or push pins into the surface to create some seriously artistic pieces.

halloween-pumpkin-400x299-custom halloween-pumpkins-studded-glitter-chalk-paint1 imagesbgf

If you have any easy ways to decorate for fall let us know in the comments!

Happy Holidays!


2 thoughts on “Easy Ways to Use Pumpkins in Your Fall Decor

  1. This is really well done. Great voice, lots of friendly energy. One question–where are you getting your photos?  If they’re not yours and your not citing the source, WordPress can come after you fir copyright violation. Easy fix:  just use the caption function (blogger has one, so I’m assuming WordPress does, too) and say something like “Yelp photo” etc. Typed by imperfect  iPhone thumbs

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