I wanted to share something very special with my followers! As you know I am a recent graduate and have been working very hard to keep my head above water as a grown up! I have been working in free-lance lately, alongside my regular 40 hour a week job, which is no easy feat I might add. I figure hard work will have to get your somewhere and moving is always better than sitting still, at least that is my philosophy at the moment, we will see how it works out ha!

I have teamed up with a local start up business in my area to work on their social media and marketing, giving me a great way to boost my resume and giving them cheap marketing and media management. They have a community project that they are raising money for, and I have been helping them create and market it! I would greatly appreciate any feedback or comments about the project or even donations!! Please take the time to re-blog this or share it on your social media because it would be such a great help for me!


You can follow the social media off of the kickstarter project, there are links available.

I will of course return any shares that I get in order to help promote your blogs or projects as well!

filthy napkin Logo and Name large

Thank you!


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