The Wedding Games

Let me get philosophical on  you for a moment.

As I was browsing my wordpress reader today. I stumbled upon a fashion blog post created around these gorgeous wedding dresses and I couldn’t help but immerse myself in the thought of picking one out some day. The careless model seemed so wistful, so serene, Wedding 1and so beautiful; the soft hair and clean lined dresses made me wish to be her, so young and happy. These photos make a girl wonder when it will happen to her, that such an event would be the most glorious thing to happen to us. As women were sort of molded into believing that marriage is a necessary act, especially one that needs to occur between the ages of 24 and 28. But really, what does marriage actually mean and why should anyone care about when were why or how it happens.

After graduating from a college or university something strange happens. Suddenly your Facebook feed is filled with engagements, marriages, relationships, and babies, you even might be one of these. These acts suddenly materialize out of nowhere, as if everyone was secretly dating a significant other even though you clearly saw them in college where their actions practically plastered “single” across their forehead. Why does this sudden urge to check off all of the life milestones at once consume every post-grad?

All of these milestones are a human right, and human rights embody the idea of freedom. Freedom to choose to pursue them or not to, rather than the requirement. As a U.S. citizen we are allowed to create our lives from a blank page without predetermined chapters, allowing us to create our own timeline and scene of events. We are allowed to explore the world in our own way, whether that be through a career, through marriage, through travel,or through art.

When it comes to marriage we can come to see it as an expression of life exploration, another adventure to take on as we grow. Marriage is not about the binding contract, it’s about marking a moment in your life as an individual. It marks the discovery of hippie_kisslove, of companionship and an equal in life. To celebrate the event of finding someone that adds to your life and everything in it. There is no timeline on adventure or discovery, you cannot predetermine when it will happen, that’s what makes it a discovery. It’s not the ceremony that leads to happiness, it’s the reason that the ceremony happened that leads to contentment.

Women can often get entrapped in the thought of it and when it should happen, especially at the encouragement of relatives. We should remember that marriage is something we do for ourselves and not for others, it is our freedom to determine what it entails and when it happens. Marriage is meant to enhance our life and our feelings around it. Don’t let a ticking clock inhibit you from life exploration and discovery, simply let the ticking set a rhythm to your adventure.



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