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Having a mini-makeup emergency? Or how about a mid-summer makeup meltdown? Whenever that 2 o’clock workday lull is coming around, your makeup is probably having a lull of its own. By this time my mascara is smudged, my blush is fading, and my lipstick has looked better. While I like to entertain the fantasy that putting on your face is a once-and-done kind of deal, I know that even long-wear makeup has its limits. Unfortunately touch ups are a reality, the fact that I don’t want to carry around my entire make-up bag just to realize that, is also a reality. I for one, loathe the idea of lugging my make-up bag everywhere I go during the day just to avoid looking like a melted make-up mess. As a product of my current new obsession with Birchbox, I have acquired a multitude of sample sized beauty products that call my bathroom sink drawer home. These little guys inspired me to create a miniature make-up bag, filled with pint-sized versions of almost everything I need to create a full face.

Packed into a tiny bag, this kit fits into even my smallest handbag. I bring it to work for touch-ups or on days where I’m not wearing any makeup at all, just in case I need to spruce up for an impromptu date or meeting. See what I keep in my mini-makeup bag to get inspiration for yours!

Make minis 2

1.      –  Dr. Jart Beauty Balm in Medium Deep– A light coverage multi-action BB cream, I use this as foundation or concealer, simply pat into the skin with your fingers.

2.      –  Covergirl Clean Oil Control Pressed Powder in Buff Beige – If you don’t feel like foundation a quick pat of powder will remove shine, or press over the BB cream to set it.

3.       – NYX Eyebrow Marker in Medium- Use small, light strokes to fill in sparse spots and create definition, in a pinch this can also be used as eyeliner!

4.       – Benefit They’re Real! Mascara in black/brown – Lengthens and defines lashes for a natural look, the brush separates each lash and even has bristles on the end to reach small lashes and corners.

5.      –  Laqa&co. Lip Lube in Honeypot – This moisturizing balm creates soft color with a cool minty feel.

6.      –  Make up Forever Rouge in Artist Natural – A smooth natural lipstick, great for every day.

7.      –  Jouer Tint in Petal – This tint doubles as a cheek and lip color that will last hours for a natural flush or pink pout.

8.      –  Reveal3d Coastelscents Eyeshadow Quad in Desert Bloom – four shades to go from day to night.

These just happen to be the products that I have chosen for my bag. Depending on what you wear daily, you can customize your bag to meet your needs. Travel size or sample sized products are available in most beauty stores, some brands will even let you come in and get a sample of their products for free to try out. For those of you who have a mini-girl scout in you, and always want to be prepared, I highly recommend creating a mini-bag for yourself or even as a gift for friends! This summer, go ahead and ditch that bulky makeup back and opt for this lighter and cuter version to keep yourself perfect and prepped all day long.


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