3 Rules for the Easier Way to Eat Healthier.

The Simple Way to Eat Healthier.

I have been on a new kick! Eating healthy. I guess it’s this new thing people are trying. For most regular people like me, the struggle to eat healthy every day is real. Temptation is everywhere and not to mention high end organic grocery stores are a bit on the pricey side. I would like to share a little bit about my journey in the realm of natural and healthy eating without breaking the piggie bank.

First of all let us break the biggest misconception about how to “eat healthy.” Eating healthy is about consuming meals that are better for your body. This does not mean you have to buy the $15 organic exotic fruit from the “Health Food Mart Extreme Store.” To give your body the good, natural nutrition it needs there are only a few simple rules that I follow:

  1. Go Natural. Think natural more than think organic, which tends to be more expensive. Although organic is great, it’s not usually in a young adult’s budget, not mine at least! As often as you can, do not buy any processed foods, this means frozen foods, canned foods, or anything with preservatives and chemicals in it. Stick to raw produce, and go organic when affordable for items such as broth, cereals and etc.
  2. Go Processed Sugar Free. Without even knowing, we consume sugar practically every day. Processed sugar is in almost everything. Items most believe are healthy, canned soups, salsas, oatmeal, crackers and lots of other things commonly contain added sugar. Over-consuming sugar can lead to weight gain, breakouts, constipation and yeast infections. I always check the label before buying to check for added sugars. Fortunately there are loads, and I mean LOADS of recipes for sugar free desserts, jams, smoothies, and anything else you can imagine.

P.S if going sugar free is not an option, try an alternative natural sweetener such as Stevia. (I put this in my coffee!)

  1. Pack Meals. Eating while I’m out or at work is the one slip up that always gets me. I am not one to go hungry, and if I am stuck at the train station with only a doughnut stand behind me and a grumbling in my belly..there’s no holding me back. The trick to not slipping up is to always have a healthy option. Pack your work lunches, and bring plenty of snacks. If you have healthy food options available to you, you’re less likely to reach for those home-made peanut butter chocolate truffle cookies the guy’s wife in accounting made. I have a whole drawer at my desk filled with boxes of sugar-free, healthier choices.

If I follow these three rules, I stay pretty close to the track for healthy eating. If you are just starting out on your healthy eating journey, persistence is going to be the key. Healthy eating is a habit, and if you’re consistent it will start to come without any effort.

OOPS! Did you drink that venti caramel frap from Starbucks? Don’t worry. Slip ups happen, and one burger won’t ruin a week full of healthy eating. Allow yourself to balance between sticking to your good foods, and indulging on a cheat day every once in a while, it will help keep you sane! I am a dessert fiend and I am always cooking up sugar free cookies and cakes to satisfy my sweet tooth.

If you’re having trouble getting started, here are some delicious (I mean it!) and healthy recipes that I have tried at home.

  1. For a snack, try hummus and cucumber in a pita; add some seasoning or salt and pepper to taste.


  1. For Dinner Try Baked Salmon or Green Chicken Chili.

chicken-avocado-lime-soup3+srgb. f87497425e21bcc4da8f92e9bccf6ce8

  1. Craving your carbs? You can use spaghetti squash for any pasta recipe and it tastes even better! Learn to cook it here.


You can also check out my healthy eating Pinterest page where I store all my go-to healthy eating meals that don’t taste like cardboard.

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