Easy Up-Do

Ever want to look like you actually have your life together? An up-do says, “Hey, I know exactly what i’m doing thats why my hair looks so sleek and perfectly done, just like my life.” An updo says here I am, a totally professional, majestic, regal adult. look at me.


Of course in all honestly that is the complete opposite of all of our lives, but as they say fake it til you make it. Here is an easy way to get those long repunzel tresses up into something that resembles what a grown up would wear. Beacuse if you can’t actually be a grown up, at least you can look like one!

The Braided “Im A Grown-up Bun”

My lovely hanywork on my beautiful roommate.
My lovely handywork on my beautiful roommate.


In simple terms, you make alot of braids, and then pin them to the back of your head. This style is easiest with a roommate or partner who is there to stab bobby pins into your scalp for you, especially if you have alot of hair.

So get braiding, pinning, and pretending.

Cuz now according to your hair…your’re a grownup!


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